Setting Up Tools


Each one of the tools has a function.  I will address each tool separately, so if you have a specific question, skip to that section and see if I have covered it.

KOC Power Bot

The bot is the most important of the tools because it allows you to automatically post incoming attacks to alliance chat so you can be reinforced, even if you are away from KOC. *Note that it will not work if your PC is off.  Firefox must be running, and KOC must be loaded or the tower report will not work.  You can also configure the tower tab to play a sound when you are attacked so that you can come to your PC and defend yourself if you choose.  The best settings for auto posting reports are to check alert on scouting, not to alert on wild attack (we can’t do anything about that anyway) and set minimum troops to 1 until you are cross-reinforcing your castles with 1k scouts.  If you are cross-reinforcing, set it at 100.

Bot also allows you to set up auto builds.  There are three types of builds you can do.  Level up, Level max, and destruct.  If you click auto build on, your build cues will cycle through and you can schedule building whatever you choose.  To add to your cue, click build mode on, and click on the building that you want to construct.  *Note that a building must be at least lvl 1 before you can click it cue it up.  If you click show, you can optimize the time so that the quickest builds are completed first.

Search allows you to search for wilds, barbs, and cities.

The gifts tab allows you to automatically accept gifts.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.

The options tab within the Bot screen has several things for you to tinker with.  I suggest you spend some time figuring out what you prefer as there are many functions.


The Tools tab allows you to get a quick overview of your cities, train troops en masse, see where you are on a map (info), search for players or alliances to find the coords and whether they are online, assign sp to your knights, defend your wilds, and finally change a few options in the game.  Again, the options tab has quite a few settings.  I recommend checking them all, but you have to experiment to find what works best for you and your personal preference.


The auto attack has a whole toolbar rather than merely a tab.


You can select hitting closest target first or most troops first.  This is preference, but I recommend most troops first for barbing and closest first for wilds.

The attack type should reflect what you are doing.  Camp is for barbs, Wilderness is to auto-crest, City is to auto-farm, and transport is to send rez on a cycle.

I recommend setting your attack to between 10 and 20 seconds. The default 15 works well.  The defaults are good on the four sub boxes under that as well.

Max distance is useful for setting up barbs in multiple cities.  For instance, you may have cities 100 miles apart but barb from both if you configure the max distance correctly.  The next check box is another way to barb from multiple cities.  If you check only launch attacks, you will need to export the barb coords we went over in the bot tab into each city rather than just one.

The boxes across from the heart determine how you auto-train if you choose to use it.  You will have to experiment with what works for you.  The defaults work just fine, but will need to be tweaked in many cases to get the best results.

Basically, check everything except only launch attacks from original city, disable viewing of reports, and enable diagnostics.

Finally, you can select which cities you want to attack from.  Cities with a green box around them will send attacks, without will not.

Make sure you save your settings and then close the tab.


Auto attack-off and on is where you will toggle your barbs or cresting on and off.

This sometimes hangs, and a refresh will work.  If for some reason you cannot get it to stop, simply turn grease-monkey off (click the monkey icon and it will grey out — if you can’t see the monkey click ctrl+/) and refresh.


In the view attacks tab, you can delete particular attacks or view what is in your attack cue.

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