Basic Installation of Tools

First, you need to be using the Firefox browser.  You can get that here:

Next, you have to have the Greasemonkey extension installed in Firefox.  You can get there here:

Once these two are installed, you can get the 3 tools located here.

Power Tools

Power Bot

Auto Attack

Once the scripts have installed, refresh and welcome to the big leagues.  :)

Configuring the tools takes some time and practice. Scroll down on each of the tool link pages and read the instructions as thoroughly as possible.  There is also a Setting Up Tools FAQ on this site that will help you walk through the process.  It will save you time, heartache, and troops.

Autotower is located in the BOT/Tower tab.  Please make sure you check the post attacks to chat box first thing.

2 Responses to Basic Installation of Tools

  • Robin Powless:

    yah was just wondering are these the newest bot and tools. would like to know how to get the songs to stay and the beeping to quit taking back over in the tower.

  • Savage:

    I use internet explorer & have visual aides (I am visually impaired & have software & equipment) connnected to my computer – are there bots that will work with my browser???  I do not want to install something that will not work with or screw up my visual aides 

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