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Kingdoms of Camelot FAQs-Throne Room Item Info

Throne Room Item Info

By FuFu of 298

There are 4 troop Types:
1) Infantry- Supply Troops, Militia, Scouts, Pike, Swordsmen
2) Ranged- Archers
3) Horsed- Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry
4) Siege- Supply Wagons, Ballista, Battering Rams, Catapults

There are 6 Battle Stats: Attack, Defense, Life, Speed, Range, and Load

Commit the above details to memory. :)

All Buffs are applied to your Troops. All Debuffs are applied to your enemies Troops. I capitalize and emphasize Troops because they do not apply to Wall Defenses unless specified on the card. This is important with say trying to increase your Treb:Ram ratio. You cannot lower the Attack of Trebs to accomplish this, you must increase the Life and/or Defense of your Rams instead.
There are some 300 attribute modifications available through the Throne Room. Some are invaluable and imperative to have before going into some battles. Others are nice to have and will make your kills better while saving you troops. Most are simply useless crap they've added to make us have to salvage a lot of items and get in the way of the good stuff.

Imperative Items

Range Buff or Debuff
You want Range not Ranged if you expect to get the most out of your Cats and Ballista.

Nice to Have

Training Speed Increases

These are pretty straight forward. They're good. X% more troops per day. The higher the % you can find and equip the better. One point to note. The percentage is NOT a specific training time reduction. At less than 10% the difference between those perspectives is negligible and goes away due to rounding. The best way I know how to put it without math is 'to drive somewhere in half (50%) the time you must drive twice as quickly not 50% faster.'

In math terms, it's this:

Advisor/Table/whatever of Discipline has a 40% increase in training speed
1 – .4 = .6 = 60% would be a 40% reduction of time
1 / (1 + .4) = .714 = 71.4% is the actual new time, only 28.6% training time reduction by increasing the speed 40%

I just want to point this out so before people look at their new times and think that the items are not working correctly.

Accuracy Buffs

Accuracy is an unlisted Stat that all troops have. Accuracy values, or modifiers, range between slightly above 0 to nearly 2. Accuracy makes your troops “act” like they were = Number Sent * Accuracy. They exist because one of the coded rules of the game is 1 troop can only fire on 1 other troop per round of a battle. **I AM IN THE PROCESS OF TESTING THIS, AS IT HAS NOT BEEN MY EXPERIENCE – TECHFU** Example of how they work: Catapults have an Accuracy of .8 vs HC. If you send 200k Cats at a large wall of HC, those 200k will act like 200k * .8 = 160k meaning the most HC they may kill per round will be 160k. If 1 Cat can't finish the job killing 1 HC, a 2nd cat will have to help and you will only kill 80k HC (or 0.4 of you wave's size) per round of battle until the HC reach you and kill your cats. Currently Accuracy Bonuses are listed incorrectly. Bonuses listed as 0.01% are actually 1%. Those are 1% more kills completely for free. I'm sure you can see how this is a good thing. Equally, debuffing your enemies' accuracy while defending will save you lots of troops. If you find a usable 5-10% accuracy boost, you certainly want to try and incorporate it into your TR.
Generic Accuracy items are more flexible since they only take up 1 or 2 slots but apply everywhere, but in general I see them providing less umph. If you have Type specific items by all means use them if you can keep up with where they are or in which preset you have them.

Life Buff/Debuff

Life is the largest base Stat for most troops. Therefore, a small % change to it can be very significant. Time for a little Math demonstration of this
Troop Type – Def Buff Equivalent to 1% Life
Scouts – 20.00%
Pikemen – 18.18%
Swordsman – 11.11%
Archer – 20.00%
Cavalry – 22.22%
Heavy Cavalry – 22.99%
Ballista – 16.00%
Battering Rams – 250.00%
Catapults – 19.20%

I add this to demonstrate that every -1% Life Debuff is roughly equivalent to -20% to -30% Def Debuff for any given troop. Given the choice between 5% Life or 50% Defense, Choose Life. 😉

Attack Buff

I'm still mixed on whether Attack Buffs are worth the trouble when we have direct Life Buffs available to us. Until we know what's actually available from cards, it's hard to make a decision. So here are 3 examples to help you make intelligent decisions:

Archer Vs Archer
If defending Archers are Maxed out, lvl 11 research, lvl 10 Wood Guardian, and a defense boost item but empty TR, they have a combined Life + Defense of 976. If you have Maxed lvl 11 Research, lvl 10 Ore Guardian, and a 20% attack boost item but no TR items, you have a net Attack of 821 leaving 155 Attack points to make up, or 155 Life points to Debuff. That equates to 65% Attack Buff to you Archers or a -31% Life Debuff to theirs. It's a lot due to the lvl 11 Wood Guardian.

Pike Vs HC
Without getting too deep into the math, each HC (similar "Maxed" scenario as above) has a Life + Def = 3763. And each Pike has an attack of 1026, requiring 4 Pike to team up for every 1 HC. To lower this to 3 Pike per HC, you would need to either Buff your Attack by 76% or Debuff the HC's Life by -35%.

Archer Vs (Light) Cavalry
Cav Life + Defense = 1964, Archer Attack = 821. Result: 3 Archer needed per LC. To reach 2 per LC, you will need either 67% Attack Buff or -33% Life Debuff.

Getting the picture? This is with a 20% Blood Lust/Frenzy active in all of the examples but not a Blood Fury which would give you 30% of the Attack boost needed. In short, my goal is to try and obtain a total of -20 to 30% Life Debuff for my Throne Room. I have a feeling it will be easier than finding 60-80% Attack Buffs. Ultimately, I will settle for a mixed solution if one is available.

On Siege vs Siege, Attack, Defense, and Life buffs aren't going to matter.

Combat Speed

Buff- If you don't have good Alloy Horseshoes research, you should add one of these items to your TR. It will make your HC and Ballista faster and in cases vs Cats that will usually save you a round of combat thus a large number of troops.
Debuff- If your enemy does have good AH research, ruin it for them with a speed debuff and you can potentially increase your overall kill rate by 50%.

Chance to Find Item …

Early on, if you find one of these, I suggest you use it. I seem to find “any item” much more quickly where I have one of these equipped with only a 0.5% increase. I believe their displayed number is wrong just like Accuracy. I feel like I'm getting a 50% greater chance of an item drop with the card equipped. If it's in your way of something else, just store it in a preset you can switch to when “cresting”.

Load (de)buff

These are somewhat convenience and somewhat great for preventing troop loss. We all know the faster you empty a city and the fewer waves you have to send to do it, the less time to send reins they have and the few chances of catching your troops.
Alternatively, the more waves they have to send at your city to loot you, the more time and chances you give our alliance to reinforce you. You also are making them have to do more work. If you can Debuff their Load enough, probably -200% to -300%, you can possibly prevent players without Load buffs from looting you at all. I would keep these in a separate Preset which I'll go over last.

Crap or Fluff Items

Defense (de)buffs- Already stated, it takes a LOT of them to accomplish much of anything.
Resources Production- Currently, they don't even work, so they're completely useless. Once they are implemented, they'll be a nice convenience but not much else.
Construction Speed- Craft a Rose. Not even worth taking up space in a preset imo.
Research Speed- Aren't most of us done with research by now? If not, craft a mirror. Hit DFs until your Alch is 255. You'll thank me later. Oh, and there's still the daily help glitch that makes Fletching 11 take only 4 days with all of these things combined.
March Speed- These are speed/time your troops spend running around the map. It's a convenience item, nothing more.
Storehouse Protection- No. Just no. Deconstruct your storehouses and you can protect your resources with troops.
Bonus Vs …- These items suck. Their buffs are low, they're tile type specific, and they can get you in trouble. I have a BIG problem with Bonus Vs Camps. If you find yourself in a position where this item actually helps you, you must then either use it in ALL your presets OR turn your Raids off whenever you change from that preset. Otherwise, you are going to lose troops to Barb Camps. That is unacceptable and I think these items are a HORRIBLE idea.
Bonus to Walls- Seriously? Walls are crap these days. We play with Siege and Ore guardians, thus we can ignore these types of cards.
March Size- Maybe I should resend my rant about Auras. Small waves generally accomplish the exact same thing. Sometimes small waves even do it better. The only time a larger march size is preferable is during a kill shot opening a city.
All Cards…
Horsed Life Debuff
Ranged Attack Buff
Siege Accuracy Bonus

Cards you shouldn't see would be something like Horsed Range Buff. While general Range buffs affect all troops, cards like Siege Range Buff should not affect Wagons or Rams as they do not fire projectiles. If you can make yourself thoroughly familiar with the Types and Stats I listed at the start of this mail, you will be able to decipher any card you have in your Throne Room and figure out if it will benefit you or not. Some cards you will find completely useless, even if they are Epic. Odds are 99% of cards will not match our play style and you'll end up salvaging them to make room for the few that do.

This method of item naming and card detail breakdown is understandably confusing as hell for most players. These cards with a specific Troop Type mentioned only benefit or hurt a small subset of your army or the enemy's army. They should provide the largest bonuses if you can keep up with them but it's going to be a pain. That's what the presets are for, so I'm going to wrap this up with what presets I think I'll want at this time.


My normal Defend, Training, and Siege vs Siege. I will keep this preset active while I'm offline and not attacking another player where a different preset would benefit me. This preset will contain as much Range (de)buff as possible, it will contain as much Training Speed Increase effects as possible, an Accuracy buff, and eventually Production bonuses and Reassign, Transport, or Reinforce speed ups IF possible.

This will be an Attack preset with Attack Buffs and Life Debuffs for hitting a city after its Siege is gone. This preset will help against Archers, HC, and Infantry. I will include Accuracy buffs here as well if I can. Specific ones against Horsed or Ranged troops if available.

Worth noting, an Archer vs Archer Preset can benefit from a Range buff but a Pike vs Cav/HC Preset will not. I may end up with another preset due to this. One with an emphasis solely to Life Debuff against HC the other with a Range boost for Archers.

This will be a looting preset. I will include Range buffs for the expected Siege Reins, but I will include as many Load Buff cards as possible to reduce the number of waves I have to send at the target.

This preset I will either use for arranging combinations, testing, or Load Debuff if I ever get in trouble and I'm running low on Troops. Also, I could use this Preset with as much Life buffs as I can find for trying to defend with Horses as reins.

25 Responses to Throne Room Item Info

  • flameskater:

    way to even the playing field…accolades

  • RICH:

    I have noticed that in the reports from attacking DF's, the defendering knights are Level 2 or 3. Is there a way for me to advance my knights? If so, will each attacking knight need to be advanced or (hopefully) only the Marshall.
    Thank you in advance

    • techfu:

      You have to use the skill points you gain on the combat score of your knights. This is a really important aspect of the game that is often overlooked by even some pretty experienced players. Increase your knights skill points in their particular specialization area as quickly as you can. Power Tools has a ‘Knights’ tab that makes this process quite a bit easier, and I highly recommend you take the time to use up every skill point you can until your knights have 255 skill points accumulated.


    • techfu:

      There are no easy answers here. The days of plugging and chugging in this game are over. If you want to continue to play competitively you will have to do your research, figure out what you want/need, and collect items accordingly.

  • VaderZan:

    I find that rotating my "new" knights into a DF campaign strategy generally increases their skill points dramatically.

  • FuFu:

    I wrote it.
    Small correction, the find item chance is small and the cards seem to be accurate.  0.5% is enough to make a difference.  12% makes items drop like crazy.
    What are you testing with accuracy?  I may have worded it weirdly.
    Since some alliance related info was removed when this message started getting mass distributed, you may want to add to the Range section:
    "You want Range not Ranged if you expect to get the most out of your Cats and Ballista. Technically, for right now, a Range Debuff is slightly better to have due to the way the game truncates instead of rounds. Scout Range of 20 when
    Buffed: 20.2
    Debuffed: 19.8

    Buffed goes right back to 20 and debuffed goes down to 19. So scouts from players without their own counter item can't even scout you."

  • Cain:

    I  have a Common Window of Lethargy  +0 with a +200 wall bonus.  What do I need to do for the +200 wall bonus to work?  Or is it what ever is in brown is what works for that card?  Or is it a certain combo. they need to be in to work each ability?

  • does the range work of base range or say, cat range + fletch research X .range boost

  • Simon Advan:

    Any idea what the "morale boost" does?

  • Yaz:

    What about "PvP" items?

  • Johnjay:

    If i have 54 range +50 debuff.The other has 32 range and 80 range debuff.Would our range debuff cancel each other out.Or would he beat me?

  • yosi:

    Does the conbat speed debuff, lowers the firing speed of cats and balls? I have a feeling that they should. I havent had the chanse to test this out myself, so I was wondering if you knew.

  • Pamps:

    just answering a few questions in the comment thread:
      — PvP is Player v. Player
      — Morale Boost ncreases citizens' happiness.
      — if still lost, focus on range (NOT rangeD) buffs/debuffs and life… until you get a better understanding of the other items, which you will in time

  • i use this to defend against ranged attacks, i was attacked by someone with 89% range and their 200k archers died and i lost not i troop, i do have 2.5 mill lc defending my city with swords as a shield which works well with the boosts i have..
    -132.00% Defense Debuff
    42.00% Ranged Life
    1.00% Accuracy
    275.00% Defense
    25.00% Attack
    6.00% Range
    130.00% Combat Speed
    100.00% Load
    72.00% Wood Production
    6.00% Troop Training Speed
    6.00% Construction Speed
    55.00% Bonus vs. Barbarian Camps
    19.00% Stone Production
    -11.00% Combat Speed Debuff
    -10.00% Range Debuff
    90.00% Resource Production
    11.00% Horsed Load
    -4.00% Ranged Range Debuff
    28.00% Horsed Combat Speed
    70.00% Horsed Defense
    17.00% Bonus vs. Wilds
    -43.00% Load Debuff

  • adam mantokie:

    Hi guru,
    what is the different between accuracy and accuracy bonus, accuracy debuff and accuracy bonus debuff?
    thank you

  • Adam:

    some players sent 900k+ troop claimed using march size buff but I never find any card more than 35% at +10.
    how is this possible?

  • Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on
    this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • klobomatusi:

    Just wanted to mention, Ranged troops include Archers Balls and Cats, if you don't believe me, unequip your TR and send 1 of each after a wild, then look at the report. Equip ONLY Ranged BUFFS, and send one of each again, then compare the report stats….. Not tryin to be a smartass, just tryin ta help. :-)

  • Tom:

    Since you wrote thi, looks to about a year ago, there have been changes in the game – such as Ascended cities etc.
    Do you plan to add to your blog?

    • techfu:

      Nope, this is the first time I’ve actually hit this site in months.  I took a new job about 8 months ago and it has consumed all of my time.  I just don’t have the time or the inclination to play anymore.  I’ve left the site up to help the noobs learn the basics, but a lot of the info is outdated.  Thanks for stopping by. :)

  • shaolin monk:

    i use 325% life buff and 118% infantry life buff and a 645% horsed defence to defend is that any good?

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