Raid Numbers

This is a basic overview of the correct troop count to send to a barb camp to take a full haul and lose no troops.  Several of the counts can be adjusted down slightly, but I have rounded up to the nearest thousand to make it easier.  Some counts depend slightly on knight level, but if your knights are 90 or above, you should be fine.

Level 1-3 does not require fletching if you are using cav.

level 1  1k lc or 1k hc

level 2  2k lc or 2k hc

level 3  4200 lc or 3k hc

Level 9 fletching

level 4  10k arch

level 5  14k arch

level 6  24k arch

level 7  45k arch

Do Not Raid level 8 or 9  camps with level 9 fletch.

Level 10 Fletching

Level 4 9k arch

Level 5 12k arch

Level 6 22k arch

Level 7 42k arch

Level 8 27k Ballis

Level 9 54k Ballis


Level 11 Fletching


Level 4 9k arch

level 5 12k arch

Level 6 19k arch

Level 7 36k arch

Level 8 27k ballis

Level 9 54k ballis

Level 10 110k cats

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