Knight FAQ

So what good are Knights for?

1. A knights combat skills will make your troops a lot more powerful in battles. Such as two equal armies meeting with have the fight decided on who has the highest level knight leading the army.
2. They have all kinds of huge bonuses they give your troops and cities.

So there are three ways you can basically use your knights.
1. Assign to roles in your castle for bonuses
2. Fighting
3. Reinforce

Assigned to Roles – They have an initial ability and a hidden one (For me the hidden reasons are enough to always keep these roles filled with high ability knights)

The Foreman – To have a good foreman just put all your points in politics.
Initial, He will decrease the build time for your city dramatically.
Hidden, high powered foreman shorten your wall defense building time dramatically
p.s. I am always changing around my cities because I need something else or a new bonus comes up. It is so much easier just to keep one in all cities.

The Marshall – All the points need to be in Combat
Initial, he will speed up your troop building time dramatically and faster as he grows.
Hidden, He is the knight assigned to your city. If your Marshall’s skill is higher than your enemies they have a lot less likely chance to win in attacking you. So when you are under attack make sure to boost him with a Gauntlet of Courage. His increased skill will boost all of your troops abilities from attack damage to defensive damage.

The Alchemist – all the points need to be in Inteligence
Initial, He will speed up all your researches in an Alchemy lab research.
1. By keeping him he will make your scouts less likely to die when scouted.
2. If you send a knight with an intelligence level of over a 100, he will give your scouts abilities equal to the level 10 research of Eagle Eyes

The Steward – all your points need to be in resourcefulness
Initial, for every point in resourcefulness he has you get a 1% increase to your cities production. So for a level 100 steward your city will make DOUBLE the resources.
Hidden, if you unequip him and use him to hunt crests in wilds, he will double to triple your abilities to find crests. Just remember to put him back in his role. I HATE CRESTING so this was very useful to me.

Basically, the higher your knights combat skill. The more battles you will win and with less losses. This includes wilds, barb camps, and attacking enemy cities.

If you are reinforcing a friend with troops ALWAYS SEND A HIGH COMBAT KNIGHT. The knight’s combat skills will add to your friends and make people face an army that is empowered by the ratios of all knights combat skills with the marshal of that city.
I am not sure of the exact ratio, but around a quarter of each knights combat skill PER ARMY in the embassy, is added to the MARSHAL”S ability. So never forget to send a knight with reinforcements.

Boosting their loyalty will case them to gain experience faster while being bored as hell in the knights hall. I am addicted to level ten knights halls by the way.

*According to Kabam knights loyalty does not currently have any function* – Techfu

IF anyone has anything to add to this, as always, message me. I am
Lady Joybird in Culwich126
Lady _Artemis_ in Goswhit128
Lady of_Joy in Caval250

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