Defense Debuff

This is a little trivial, but a lot of people seem to be going nuts over the throne room items that provde a defense debuff, and I want to correct the misperception.  A quick overview of how combat works is probably in order.  When any troop fights, this is the basic formula: attack-defense x accuracy = life taken per round of combat.  There are other multipliers that can affect combat such as overwhelming numbers, but for the sake of simplicity, lets just address the basic formula.  A defense debuff of even 60% on the highest def troop (hc) is only worth about 80 life per round, assuming lvl 11 research.  That’s approximately equivalent to a 7% atk buff (without an ore guardian, 5.5% with a lvl 10) or a 2% life debuff.  Other troops have a much lower defense value (see for values) and the defense debuff has an even lower net effect on them.  I’m not saying that the defense debuff is totally useless, but it certainly shouldn’t be one that you are spending a lot of time or effort trying to acquire.

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